Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Newt Gingrich Would Have This Judge Arrested

Think about it. As Republican politicians in federal and state government across the nation "overreach" — the tea parlor Beltway euphemism for authoritarian rule — a federal judge in Arizona has blocked a new law meant to exclude charitable donations to organizations that provide abortion services or provide referrals to abortion providers.

In issuing her temporary injunction, Judge Roslyn Silver said the law scheduled to go into effect January 1 violates free speech:
“Arizona could not punish an organization with a fine if it were to engage in certain types of abortion-related speech. Excluding an organization from the program solely because of the type of abortion-related speech which the organization engages in is an attempt to impose a similar financial harm.”
In a Gingrich presidency, Judge Silver would be in shackles for having the temerity to issue such a ruling. In a Gingrich administration, she would definitely be deemed "anti-American", an "activist", and subject to arrest by federal marshals for knocking down an anti-abortion state law on First Amendment grounds. So much for constitutional rule and separation of powers. But would her ruling be vacated were the judge to be arrested? Hmm ...

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