Friday, December 30, 2011


With polls flying fast and furious all over the airwaves, has anyone noticed how so under-reported this Pew Research Poll is:
"A new poll from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press out yesterday shows that “progressive” is the most positively viewed political label in America, with 67 percent holding a positive view compared to just 22 percent who view the term negatively:"
The reason this poll was suppressed at MSNBC is simple, really. This isn't just Michael Moore or Rachel or Big Eddie talking; it cannot simply or easily be dismissed with a throwaway "amusing" line. Hell, Chuckles Toddy could be called on to interpret it, and he might not survive the ordeal. This is, as Chris Matthews, Dean of the sorry-assed Idiot Punkditocracy likes to say, "polls, what we live (and die for, metaphorically, unless someone has a cardiac reading this poll) here at MSNBC."

Then he'll trot out their "Political Director" Chuckles Toddy to tell us peons what to think of the poll's findings. Where is it, dudes? C'mon, out with it! Get over your hives and dry heaves, take two aspirin and lie down if you must, then do your fucking jobs. There's plenty of time to hit the basketball court later, Chuckles. Jonathan and Chris C., if GQ helps, go for it. You can't ever look any worse than POLITICO's Jonathan Martin after an all-night bender as he struggles to stay awake on the Andrea Mitchell show.

Center-right, homogenized, censorious corporatist "news" from the non-FOX/hate radio propaganda axis is a BIG part of the reason we have such a misinformed electorate; not an ignorant electorate as the Pew poll shows; just misinformed in "appalling" ways. You have no NO IDEA what's going on outside the Beltway. NOT A FUCKING CLUE. And that's the real tragedy. Isn't this "fascinating!"

There's lots to digest in the "internals" as Chuckle's colleagues like to say. Illustrative of the rampaging demonizing of the word "liberal" by Republican right wing propaganda over the past 40 years, "liberal" is still viewed positively by 50 percent of the American people. As Robert Kennedy Jr. said, "60 percent of Republicans are just misinformed Democrats." Indeed, 55 percent of Republicans have a positive view of the term "progressive." That's roughly the same number of self-identified Republicans who favor a tax on millionaires and oppose any cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

As progressives have been saying from the start, notably Michael Moore, to the guffaws of the Beltway Media, this right wing Tea/Republican Party has lurched so far right of the American people that it is no longer representative of where the country stands politically, which is center-left. Another amazing finding is that the 18-29 year demographic have a 49-43 POSITIVE view of socialism compared with a 46-47 NEGATIVE view of capitalism. This is a manifestation, a snapshot of the political ground-shifting effect on our body politic of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Not surprisingly, this is the demographic that is least attuned to corporate news, that gets its information through the internet, social media, and a fresh, ongoing college education which still, it seems, encourages young people to question establishment corporatist precepts and homilies — tax cuts at any cost for the "job creators" — and to think critically. Sadly, the pressure to conform and the money offered (not everyone is like Cenk) is too seductive for most of the young punks working the Beltway Media axis of misinformation to resist. The OWS movement lifted that scab to expose their sellout. And it's not a pretty sight. So expect continued reactionary reporting and misinformation. The country be damned.

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