Thursday, December 08, 2011

Media Watch: Of FASCIST BASTARDS And Weird Libertarian "Humor" Promos

It's nice to have independent cable media in CURRENT TV where calling out a fascist, i.e., a spade is a spade is a FASCIST BASTARD, is perfectly fine and won't get the host banished for telling the truth. Watch Keith go feral on these fascist ratbastard Republicans:

Meanwhile, the fake progressive network is hiring them as "analysts" and running fascist ads for Moron Joe with Mike Barnacles waking up on a park bench, beneath newspaper pages like a homeless person, to do the show — at a time when temperatures are dipping below freezing and hundreds of thousands of Americans have been made the nouveau homeless, thrown out of their homes by the banks and the local sheriffs — this passes for humor? (I suppose ...) at the fake "progressive" network that gives a Republican libertarian ASSHOLE like Joe Scarborough his morning show.

But that's not all: there's smoking, gambling, liquor and hookers, while Mika-the-liberal enforcer runs around in her dominatrix skivvies. Typical, juvenile Moron Joe libertarian "humor:" Celebrating our victimless social peccadilloes which the big bad state wants to regulate; be it the "pleasures" of cancer-causing/spreading smokes, the freedom to drink with sex-for-hire call girls (legalize the victimless crimes — prostitution and drugs — as Willie the Wingnut the alkie enjoys babes-for-hire), or the token Dem enjoying the "liberty" of homelessness because, well, it's his "fault." Nice.

Is this supposed to be cutting edge, or funny? Seems to be more stupid, glib, and insensitive/offensive than anything else. This Business Insider comment pretty much sums it up. Hard-edged and mean-spirited wingnut "humor" on view. Here's the weird extended Moron Joe promo, clips of which are aired on MSNBC. My guess is, it won't help his ratings one iota:

Moron Joe, it should be noted, is where reactionaries, plagiarists, nativists, and wingnuts hang out. Mark Halperin, conservative plagiarist annointed MSNBC "senior political analyst" who smirked that President Obama is "a dick" warms Pat Buchanan's seat. Pat was banished for a time at least for publication of his latest racist screed, probably deemed necessary by the suits given their large African American audience. Judging by the new ad campaign, Pat may be back once his "book tour" of racist and white supremacist media venues is done and deemed more benign by the passage of time.

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