Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Martin Bashir INSULTS Our Intelligence Via Michael Steele — AGAIN!

Martin, all I can say is Jonathan Alter (whose two books I own) saved your sorry ass. WTF is WRONG with you bringing a partisan hack, a trainwreck JACKASS like Michael Steele whose initials suit the debilitating illness he represents as an MSNBC Republican spinmeister, to crap all over the joint, and your viewers, following one of President Obama's most important speeches of his presidency?!

It's disrespectful of MSNBC to President Obama not to match a serious speech with serious analysis. If not for Jonathan who used his spare time to provide some historical perspective and highlight the "irresponsibility" of the GOP's "religion" to not raise taxes on the rich, this would have become another Hardball Steele skit.

Shame on you, Martin, and SHAME on MSNBC. I am so fed up with their commitment to Steele, this JERK who steps all over the Democratic message with his insulting GOP crapaganda — what fools do you take us for? Jonathan's expression said it all; he was fuming at having to sit through MS's BS, and then you close it with Steele's snarky, sarcastic smirk: "Yeah, alright."

WTF is WRONG with you people?! Man, have I had it with MSNBC. You guys suck. Big time.

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