Saturday, December 03, 2011

Awesome Martian Sunset: Colonize Mars or DIE

That's the verdict handed down by Earth's foremost astrophysicist, Steven Hawking:
The human race must colonize space within the next two centuries or it will become extinct, Stephen Hawking warned today.

The renowned astrophysicist said he fears mankind is in great danger and its future "must be in space" if it is to survive.

In an interview with website Big Think he said threats to the existence of the human race such as the 1963 Cuban missile crisis are likely to increase in the future and plans to handle them must be put in place now.

"We shall need great care and judgment to negotiate them all successfully," he told Big Think.

"But I'm an optimist. If we can avoid disaster for the next two centuries, our species should be safe, as we spread into space."
In the meantime, behold this magnificent Martian sunset, in true colors. It seems almost a shame to despoil this cosmic landscape with the golden arches and all the signs of our conspicuous consumption.

NASA: “Sunset on Mars — Sunset colors on Mars appear opposite of those typically seen on Earth. The central blue glow is caused by the Martian atmosphere scattering the sunlight, the same phenomenon that makes the Earth’s sky blue. Powdery dust suspended in the atmosphere gives the rest of the sky a copper color. The Sun appears only about two-thirds the size that it appears on the Earth.”

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