Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Special GOP Agent in not-so-deep cover among the SAPS at MSNBC showed exactly why he is such a valuable Republican asset, rendering Martin Bashir speechless: In an appearance with Martin to discuss Herman Cain's libidinous campaign meltdown, the latest revelation a 13-year affair with yet another woman, Steele artfully turned the conversation around to a smear of Democrats and, by extension his interrogators (Chris, Martin) whom he holds in obvious contempt.  First, Michael pedantically noted that in "other countries" — at which Bashir interjected, was Steele taking a shot at Martin's "British roots?"... "No no NOOOooo/yesyesSI" ... replied the GOP mole, proceeding to do just that. You see, while we take a "puritanical" approach, explained Dr. Steele, other countries have a more "laissez-faire" attitude toward politicians' sexual foibles.

Then, as Martin mulled whether he'd just been insulted, Michael pivoted to a highly selective revisionism of sex scandals between party lines, ALL Democratic, that the scrutiny (or intolerance level) today is presumably higher than for JFK and Clinton, or Gary Hart (although Hart got caught), or even the use of new technology, as "Mr. Weiner" found out. So in one sentence, Steele managed to SMEAR the Democratic Party generationally in the sex scandal department, in a conversation about the sexual escapades of Herman Cain, who is teetering and has ceded frontrunner status to yet another GOP sexual miscreant, Newt Gingrich. Steele made no coherent sense, but we came away with "JFK," "Clinton," "Hart," and "Weiner."

BRILLIANT. Gotta hand it to Steele. The man is a partisan propagandizing pro. A liar and nonpareil sophist extraordinaire. He's a viper among so many MSNBC sheeples. How's your little "new Republican friend" working out for ya, Rachel? Only saying because I suspect it was on your recommend MSNBC hired this trainwreck (for the President, Democrats), being paid WELL by MSNBC to use his compensated air time to defeat Democrats in November. So far his strategy is working out well, considering he's surrounded by brain-dead suits and thrust-upon hosts who have their orders to play nice with him.

Why do I keep seeing the invisible corporate hand and Marbles Mouth's meddling in the homogeneization of what's left of MSNBC's progressive message? Steele's mission at MSNBC is simple and clear. It's straight from the Gingrich playbook, actually, and it aims to plant the false equivalence in viewers' minds regarding the GOP's filthy politics of racism, lies, misinformation, obstructionism — and their deviant sex scandals — to say Democrats do the same things (THE BIG LIE), without a shred of supporting evidence. The format suits Steele well, because he's trained to filibuster while injecting the names (JFK — a dig at Chris — Clinton, Hart, and Weiner) that are the only things people remember from his otherwise mindless blabberings. He's even turned Sweet Melissa into a brain-addled academic, and plays "en guarde" with Rachel while Steele is the only one wielding the sword, virtual though it may be.

FYI, MSNBC sheeples, this may help defray Michael's sabotage of the few remaining MSNBC progressives; note, this chart covers ONLY 2006-2009 ... Herman Cain not included:

PS - Hmm ... Between Meghan McCain, the latest Republican MSNBC hire to brainwash the 18-to-35 demographic, and Michael Steele, a surprisingly skilled GOP political operator and, most important, rhetorician, it seems MSNBC's corporate LORDS have most of their programming covered by the Beltway Media, Idiot Punditocracy, wingnut pundit-interlopers, except for the LITTLE FOUR: The Rev, Big Eddie, Rachel and Lawrence. They're all under siege. Considering an opt-out.


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