Wednesday, October 26, 2011

POLITICO Postcript: Chris Rakes John Harris Flunky Over The Coals

Having pointed out to Chris Matthews the obvious re: his precious POLITICO (see previous post), wasn't it fortuitous that he should host a John Harris flunky on the topic of Cuban pretend Castro victim Marco Rubio ... And, wouldn't you know it, the Harris flunky took the bait!

Scripted or not, the POLITICO pretend "journalist" reflexively jumped to Tea Party darling Marco Rubio's defense over the Senator's buffoonish indignation at Wapo's discovery that his privileged status as the son of Cuban émigrés wasn't due to his parents' pretend victimization (according to Rubio in his alternate universes official bio) under the now-retired dictator in the Adidas jumpsuit. Chris jumped the flunky by, in effect, reading him the Riot Act on objective journalism:

JOHN HARRIS FLUNKY: "The most generous interpretation is that he (Marco Rubio) is learning about this along with the rest of us ..."

Chris immediately gets to the heart of the matter, asking the John Harris flunky to explain how Rubio's conversation over the dinner table with his parents never broached the details of their alleged flight from Castro's Cuba?

JOHN HARRIS FLUNKY: (Garbled explanation in which he behaves not as journalist but Rubio's agent, proxy, apologist ...)

CHRIS: "That's not journalism. That's not fact. That is pure, pure nonsensical elliptical thinking."

Gee, I couldn't have described what POLITICO does on a daily basis better than that! Good on Chris.

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