Sunday, October 23, 2011

OCCUPY WALL STREET WATCH: Naomi Wolf Storms The Barricades ... Wow!

I know it's hard, folks, but pay attention ... um, because feminist author Naomi Wolf has some very relevant things to say about our First Amendment protections. Good thing I know and, more importantly, understand it better than, say, the Teabaggers, because this video clip can drive one to distraction. Naomi's arrest by the NYPD and the subsequent nefarious involvement of Homeland Security is the stuff police states are made of. And though Naomi likes to describe herself as just a "middle-aged couch potato intellectual" she's truly so much more!

If Occupy Wall Street has a Founding Father, let us nominate Michael Moore for the honor. Michael's been toiling away at this for quite a while now, and the final scene of Capitalism: A love Story seems almost prophetic in light of recent events. Michael, the people HEARD YOU! I think those two Thomases, Paine and Jefferson would be proud of you, too:

And thanks be to Keith for shining a light on OWS.

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