Monday, September 05, 2011

Wingnuts Are Scumbags. Period.

Or, if you prefer — really really really really really really REALLY SICK CREATURES.

Anyone who thinks we should get along with these ratbastards is a little pokey themselves. As Jefferson said, it's getting close to the time for a little revolution to renew our democracy ... time to dust off grandpa's proverbial pitchfork and storm Count Dracula's castle. This is real class warfare waged by the über-rich against the poor and the middle class. No more tea parlor games. It's time to fight back.

By the way: The stimulus package included several unique provisions, now expired, to decrease the tax liability for 2009 of those on the bottom of the ladder. According to the Center for Tax Policy, the real figure of people not paying federal income taxes is 18 percent. Not 50.

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