Tuesday, August 16, 2011

President Obama's Despicable Statement About Unions

Big Eddie, seemingly the only one, I hate have to say it, on the MSN-BARACK-CHANNEL who has THE BALLS to challenge President Obama on his mind-blowing ANTI-UNION statement which is not only FACTUALLY INCORRECT but an egregious and CRUEL thing for a "DEMOCRATIC" President to make. Let us not forget that this is the FIRST "DEMOCRATIC" President to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block, and to treat REPUBLICAN proposals to CUT THESE PROGRAMS THEY HATE as the kind of "compromise" we all want and need from Washington.

When are the delusional fantasists on MSNBC going to stop coddling the President and start parsing his statements objectively and critically? Not once, NOT ONCE did the President stand up for working people and public employee unions against radical Republican governors in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, Indiana. Instead, when given the opportunity to make a pro-union statement on his so-called "listening tour," Mr. Obama sided with the BRUTISH REPUBLICAN BULLIES, the radical governors — Walker, Christie, Kasich, Scott — against the working people, telling the unions to, in effect, take their bitter medicine and stop complaining, stop demonstrating, and most of all stop raining on HIS re-election parade.

Well, excuse me, Mr. President, but you can't squeeze water from a stone. The unions have given and given and given already, making one concession after another. When is ENOUGH, ENOUGH? When will this Clintonian triangulation END? When will President Obama remember the "(D)" in front of his name and start TAKING NAMES AND POINTING THE FINGER OF BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS — at the Republican Party, the limitless corporate money in Republican politics, AND NOT AT THE UNIONS AND THE MIDDLE CLASS?

And when will Big Eddie's colleagues STOP papering over the President's REACTIONARY statements? He is no liberal. He is no progressive. Red states and blue states, all together now. Remember the speech that launched Mr. Obama into the national spotlight? It wasn't just soaring rhetoric. President Obama REALLY BELIEVES that pablum.

Dear Mr. President: You're not in Kansas anymore.

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