Friday, June 10, 2011

Parting Thoughts On The Sordid Weiner Episode

What is it about liberals that they have such BLINDERS on when it comes to dissecting the threat, not only to the Democratic Party, which is a VERY IMPERFECT vessel, but the threat to our nation from THE RIGHT? We can't call these right wing ratbastards by their correct appellation — FASCISTS — oh no, that's a conversation-stopper says mealy-mouthed hippie Thom Hartmann. But we can wring our hands and bemoan the HYPOCRISY of Republicans as Rachel does, night after night, with her cutesy IOIYAR: "It's okay if you're a Republican." Besides preaching to the choir — we know all that — Rachel, don't you get it? Allow me to spell it out:

THEY.DO.NOT.FUCKING.CARE! David Vitter, John Ensign, Chris Lee, etc. etc. etc. — BRING IT ON. As far as their base is concerned, AND THE NARROW MARGIN OF VOTERS NEEDED TO WIN ELECTIONS, REPUBLICANS WELCOME DIVERTING OUR ATTENTION FROM BREAD-AND-BUTTER ISSUES TO PHONY MORAL ISSUES — THE 'CULTURE WARS'. THAT'S HOW REPUBLICANS WIN ELECTIONS. One of the lasting truisms of left-right, Democratic-Republican politics, is that Democrats win when bread-and-butter issues are FRONT-AND-CENTER. Republicans win when they divert the electorate's attention to phony 'culture war' issues. The Democrats seldom win on the GOP's culture wars turf.

Why? Because Republicans understand the psychology of their RELIGIOUS EVANGELICAL BASE and will pander shamelessly, with no risk of negative political repercussions. Quite the contrary. The HARDER THEY FALL, THE STRONGER THEY GET POLITICALLY, AS LONG AS THEY BARE THEIR SOULS TO THE BASE, ADMITTING THEIR SINS WITH WIFEY AT THEIR SIDES. It's all about redemption, hitting rock-bottom, and accepting Christ into one's life. Forgiveness is DIVINE, and the GOP base LOVES to forgive its sexual deviants, because it reinforces their fundamentalist religious narrative of forgiveness, redemption and salvation, giving them a sense of "grace" that's next to godliness. IOW, it's A SEXUAL TURN-ON FOR THEM.

In 2004, Republicans put gay marriage on the ballot in key battleground states, to bring out those one-issue voters. THEY WON. In 2010, the undercurrent to the PHONY BELTWAY ECONOMIC DEMAGOGUERY (the stimulus was a failure, NO JOBS, etc.— all LIES) was the RACIST VOTE energized by BIRTHERISM with scare tactics about healthcare centered on President Obama as a "socialist" and "muslim" and a scary BLACK MAN who was going to take seniors' Medicare away.

Would an INFORMED, KNOWLEDGEABLE electorate fall for this GARBAGE? NO!

But the fact is, 38 percent of Americans cannot pass a citizenship test — a natural Republican constituency — while Democratic voters stayed home, urged on by demagogues with a platform like Dylan Ratigan, who promote anti-government stay-at-home cynicism by claiming all "politicians" regardless of party are the same. That is one of the BIG LIES of our time. The old adage that a "yellow dog" with a (D) by its name is better than any (R) is truer today than it ever was. Like it or not, a two-party system is what we've got; we don't live in a parliamentary democracy.

So anyone who claims the Anthony Weiner episode will not last more than a couple of news cycles, and he can stay in Congress as only a somewhat "less effective" Congressman, with no fallout to the Democratic Party in the 2012 elections — IS A FOOL. It's not about the sex, the cyber-sex, the pictures, the women, the pregnant wife — it's not even about the SERIAL LYING. IT'S ABOUT ONE STUPID JACKASS — ANTHONY WEINER — HANDING REPUBLICANS A CAMPAIGN ISSUE, A CUDGEL, TO DIVERT OUR ATTENTION FROM MEDICARE, SOCIAL SECURITY, JOBS, AND THE ECONOMY.

Anthony Weiner will become the Republicans' poster boy for smearing the Democratic Party with being somehow immoral, unethical, seamy, having lost its way and undeserving of the public's trust because they're dragging some DEAD WOOD around named Anthony Weiner.

The Republican sinners have found salvation in Christ ... They campaign in churches to praise the Lord and their vote to KILL MEDICARE. Democrats ... not so much. Blame it on the old 'separation of church and state' thing. Democrats actually take their constitutional obligations seriously. Melissa Harris Perry said, about Anthony Weiner, "Life isn't always fair." Rachel thinks Melissa is REALLY SMART. So do I.

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