Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Bush Tax Cuts At 10: A Legacy Of Misery And Tragedy — What Could Have Been

Ten years after the Bush tax cuts, as we pause to take stock of what they actually DID versus what their absence COULD HAVE DONE, the inclination of Republicans to perpetuate the misery and economic devastation is nothing short of the familiar definition of INSANITY: Repeat, double and triple down on the tragic mistakes of the past, expecting a different, POSITIVE result. But they aren't insane in any traditional, clinical sense. They're more akin to criminals and traitors who have made a considered, self-serving decision — a pact with the Devil — to throw the United States of America under the Chinese Express in service of a narrow slice of master plutocrats and their über-rich comrades who are the sole beneficiaries of this government largesse and massive transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class Americans struggling with unemployment, underwater mortgages, no health care, and an all-out GOP assault on retirement benefits, pensions, Social Security, and Medicare.

In an ALTERNATE REALITY, one in which RATIONAL people exist, politicians serve their constituents rather than their contributors, corporations are regulated and their influence over the electoral process is held in check, and political leaders actually deliver a government that reflects the PUBLIC INTEREST and the COMMON GOOD — this is what the revenues RESCUED from the Bush tax cuts could have provided: (And we haven't even touched the two off-budget wars and the partial privatization of Medicare — Advantage, insurance companies.)

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