Saturday, May 07, 2011


Am I GOOD, or what!

Where else on the "Internets Machine" will you find a blog that delivers the best, most relevant and incisive political commentary anywhere but also the $43 winner of the Kentucky Derby, the $329 exacta for $2 COLD, as well as ALL of the horses in the trifecta and superfecta?! ALL for FREE! Heh ...

Watch Le Prince Des Animaux, ANIMAL KINGDOM, do his victory lap before a record crowd numbering more than 160,000 in this the first leg of the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby:

I saw ANIMAL KINGDOM's daddy, Leroidesanimaux, race. He was the world's best turf horse, which is why the so-called "experts" got off his son in the Derby. In their linear pack-thinking, a turf sire just doesn't pass along an affinity for dirt racing to his offspring. I guess they forgot about the great Cigar, who was a so-so horse on grass (because his breeding said "turf horse"), but when he was moved to the dirt became an incredible 16-race winning machine. And since Brazilian-bred horses get little respect because of the ignorance of the "experts" about their general attributes, you will get good odds on them. What the "experts" don't understand about Brazilian-breds is that they produce horses with an amazing combination of speed, stamina, versatility (they can run on any surface, literally) and HEART, courage. That's what made the great ones like THE KING and PICO CENTRAL so special.

The first time I saw The KING he left the same impression Cigar made: Like, WOW! Thoroughbreds are beautiful animals to begin with, but this guy really lived up to his name. He was huge, muscular, with that classic arched neck and beautiful mane that recalled Big Red, Secretariat himself. I thought, when they do the movie, this guy's got to play Secretariat. Not only did his very presence and regal demeanor intimidate his opponents, but I gotta believe the fillies must have a thing for him .... ANIMAL KINGDOM has the same physical presence as his dad. He's still a young horse, but he's smart. At the Derby post parade, he was looking around curiously, soaking in the atmosphere, nice and relaxed, looking like he belonged. As Graham Motion, his excellent trainer said, ANIMAL KINGDOM is "something special." I just knew it.

Johnny V. was just happy to be along for the ride. He didn't have much to do, just not fall off.

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