Monday, May 02, 2011

Inside Osama's Million Dollar "Mansion": Bloody Aftermath, and the RATigan Take

ABC News has obtained video of the inside of Bin Laden's compound. More photos here. Watch:

Dylan Ratigan, the MSNBC LIAR opening his program today: "President Obama making good on his promise to the American people (to take out Bin Laden), one of the few promises he's kept." This is for Dylan Ratigan's edification, not that he needs it; ignorant, lying bastard; can anyone wonder why we call this libertarian imbecile's program a ghetto? He's no different from most of his wildly misguided colleagues in their contempt for liberals and Democrats:
 I can understand Christa the airhead Canadian on Ratigan's show ... but what are the token libs doing there? Yeah Yeah, I know ... it's a gig. You're on the idiot libertarian's show. This guy is so pushing a Ron Paul political agenda, he should flat-out admit it and stop pretending he's an impartial commentator. Then he can take his cheap shots with a modicum of "honesty" and invite the neutered libs to challenge him without overstaying their welcome.

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