Monday, April 18, 2011

Greenspan Kicks Off $206,710.60 Pick-Six At Close Of Santa Anita Meet

Greenspan hadn't competed since September 3, 2010, when he last testified before the public, weakening down the lane, and revealing a "flaw" in his strategy. But with a long layoff for more conditioning, schooling, and a series of stamina-building workouts, Greenspan returned to the game with a splash, crushing his competition in convincing manner to key a $206,710.60 Pick-Six by winning the 5th race yesterday, the last day of the Santa Anita Park Meet in California.

Meanwhile back East, Alan the other Greenspan, after whom the thoroughbred is named, made his triumphant return to the pundit's corner in the friendly confines of NBC's Meet The Press. Despite a qualifying nod to discredited economists of the Chicago School type who wreaked havoc with Russia's economy and society among others, Alan Greenspan aka Andrea's husband, actually intoned for the record that ALL of the Bush tax cuts should be ended, endorsing a return to the tax rates of the Clinton years, which created 22 million jobs.

Still, Alan Greenspan's got a ways to go before exiting the doghouse he was sent to after the 2007 economic collapse. In terms of wealth creation since then, Greenspan the Santa Anita thoroughbred is at least $200,000 ahead of Alan the pundit. It seems appropriate, though, that Alan the pundit has shown himself to be a lucky talisman of sorts for those fortunate Pick-Six winners who might now be able to apply their winnings to saving their homes — considering he contributed to the house of cards casino economy whose collapse precipitously slashed most Americans' wealth.

Bet the horse for a better return on your investment.

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