Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rachel's Take ... And The TWO PERCENT SOLUTION

Despite the circular tease (insisting over and over again that "it's not about the budget") Rachel offers an incisive connect-the-dots mini seminar below on what's really going on out in those Republican states. It's a coordinated power grab designed to crush (what they think is) the last line of opposition — public employee unions — mopping up the field before setting their sights on the BIG PRIZE: Social Security. 


These Republican extremists — American Fascists — see an opportunity to privatize Social Security where George W. Bush failed, using the pretext (with Goebbels disciple Frank Luntz's buzzwords) that we're "broke" (how many times have you heard that scumbag Scott Walker repeat this after creating an artificial deficit with his tax cuts for the rich) and in "financial crisis."

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Chris Matthews is complicit in this scheme, having used his big megaphone Hardball platform to stab the middle class (forget liberals) in the back advancing the phony argument, along with his Politico pals, that Social Security is in crisis and needs cutting. Typically for the Dean of the Idiot Punditocracy, he had the gall to suggest We, The People are the problem because we refuse to accept his IP Beltway alternate reality paradigm and instead (in Chris's condescending view) push it on the politicians to make the "tough choices" for us.

Please. Chris the POLL VAULTER only likes to cite those polls that reinforce his prejudice. We, The People have already declared our solutions, clearly and unambiguously. Except that Chris chooses to ignore those polls because he doesn't like the solution: The American people, in overwhelming numbers have called for raising taxes on Chris and his rich IP Politico pals in order to cut the deficit and contribute their fair share to fixing minor decades-into-the-future issues with Social Security while bringing government expenditures into balance. It's not about liberal-conservative or Chris's idiotic 40-yard line analogies. When the rubber meets the road, Chris stands up for his class.

It's all about CLASS WARFARE: Rich vs. poor, haves vs. have-nots. TWO PERCENT. The top two percent of the American people, those earning a quarter million and more, are driving this phony financial crisis. And so we need a TWO PERCENT SOLUTION.

Yo, Cenk! Set your dumbass colleague Chris straight, willya? Cenk Uygur is the SAMURAI LIBERAL who immediately follows Hardball to debunk the idiocies and inanities spouted by the host in the previous hour of programming. Cenk, famous for his wingnut android-hunting exploits as head honcho of the online Young Turks, even looks a little like John Belushi. Think of Cenk as  John "Bluto" Blutarsky and Chris as Dean Vernon Wormer trying to get back at the (frat house) "netroots" libs for partying too hard and knocking down his supercilious Beltway constructs.

But what would that make MSNBC? Hmm ... Question for Rachel: If the ultimate aim of "Big Government Conservatism" is to privatize government out of existence, what's so "Big Government" about it?

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