Thursday, March 10, 2011

One of The Greatest Fighting Songs — EVER! Dedicated to The People of Wisconsin

Who gathered defiantly in the Capitol after the cowardly and illegal legislative maneuver and vote by the Republicans. Unbowed, the people chanted: "THE PEOPLE, UNITED, WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED! This fight isn't over; the people have only just begun to fight!

This song by the great Chilean band Quiliapayún was first recorded in 1973, the year of the coup in Chile. Today it is still performed by these bands that survived the Pinochet terror and hung around to reclaim final victory over the fascist dictator. In his face!

Stand up to march, the people will win
There is a better life coming
To conquer our happiness
In a clamor a thousand fighting voices strong
Will rise and sing a freedom song
With determination the people will win.

The people, united, will never be defeated!
El pueblo, unido, jamás será vencido!

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