Friday, January 14, 2011

Limbaugh Claims Ignorance of Sign; Says It Was Liberals SHOOTING AT HIM!

This guy is a clown. Really, he is. Rush Limbaugh, at his best, is an accidental political satirist drawing attention to the insanity of Rightwingville. He is especially hilarious when he tries to paint himself, like Sarah Palin, as the victim of us eeeevil Libs:

Said Rush: “I thought whoever put the billboard up wanted to make it look like people who didn’t like me were shooting at the billboard ... MEANING ANGRY LIBERALS!”

Hahaha ... The funny thing about this nonsense from Rush (you never know when he's, which is most of the time) is that it's totally out of character for Liberals to get off on shooting up a Rush sign. WE'RE JUST NOT THAT INTO GUNS AND THAT KIND OF ACTIVITY. This gun culture fetish (which includes shooting up targets or signs with names and faces of ideologically hated people) is, TOTALLY, a WINGNUT THING. I mean, it's weird, sexual even. I was listening to progressive (LIBERAL) talk radio, and there was a virtual infestation of GUN NUTS on the airwaves. The regular Lib and progressive listeners couldn't get a word in edgewise. These wingnut callers were ALL males, and they were getting a real hardon for their guns and 2nd Amendment protections.

Libs and Democrats, on the other hand, enjoy mocking Rush's rants, because they're quite unintentionally hilarious. Watch this video clip with Sherrif Dupnik responding to a Limbaugh attack. The Sheriff is trying really hard not to burst out laughing after Chris Matthews plays a clip of Rush in which the Sheriff's name rolls off Limbaugh's tongue as if it's the invocation of Satan ... Rush utters "Pima County" with drippy contempt, then imperiously stretches the syllable in "MEEEE" as if to say, "how dare this 'desert sheriff' attack the GREAT RUSHBO!"

One can tell the Sheriff is struggling to keep a straight face, but he manages to maintain his composure:

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