Saturday, November 06, 2010

World's Worst Person Makes a Comeback: Phil Griffin

MSNBC president Phil Griffin, pictured below, tops the list of world's worst persons with his ludicrous suspension of Keith Olbermann. Um Phil, replacing Keith with Thomas Roberts is like yanking Tom Seaver from the Mets all-time starting lineup and replacing him with Mark "Boom-Boom" Bomback. Roberts' vague warning that he's a karate yellow belt notwithstanding.

Griffin mulls MSNBC's future. Dim bulb moment: "Let's embrace the CNN model!"

Rachel slams the suits with the viewers' perspective:

Progressives stand by Keith. Please sign this petition to put him back on the air NOW. 197,000+ and counting. (We might even take Chris Matthews's signature. And Jon Stewart's too. We go, now you go.)

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