Wednesday, November 03, 2010

TEA PARTY Remedial Education: Teabaggers LOSE in Nevada!

In a vote for SANITY, Harry Reid defeated Sharron Angle by a SOLID 5-6 percentage points.

Looking at the Nevada electoral map, there was a lot of talk about "none of these candidates" as a viable option for Nevadans to express their displeasure with all choices. The speculation was this ballot protest choice would be huge. It turns out to have been no more than 2 percent of the vote.

After all was said and done, all the money poured into the state to defeat the Senate Majority Leader, in the state with the worst unemployment and highest foreclosure rate in the nation, the TEA PARTY Republicans were CRUSHED; nay, they were schooled in civics, common decency, and tolerance.

They tried to make it about Harry Reid. But in the end, it was all about Sharron Angle. Take this as an object lesson, Teabaggers: When you base your message on racism and bigotry; when you single out Latinos and beat up on them, dehumanize them, beat them like a PiƱata, you've stirred a sleeping giant.

THIS IS AMERICA. This is NOT Nazi Germany. This is a multicultural nation. You could have beaten Harry Reid if you hadn't run such an insane candidate, who ran away from the media, hid in her bunker, said so many crazy things that she was muzzled by her own Washington handlers, like some Soviet Politburo member.

THIS IS AMERICA. And Latinos, Asians, African Americans, and Native Americans, are as entitled to be part of this nation as every other citizen. For Angle, the medieval racist to use the boogieman of illegal immigration is what finally did her in. Latinos, American citizens, turned out in huge numbers to hand her a defeat of BIBLICAL proportions.

One final observation about Harry's victory. Nevada is a gambling state. Gamblers are jaded and cynical, unsentimental libertarian high-wire act types. They knew Harry and they were ready to dump him unceremoniously, given the right candidate. Nothing personal, the economy was brutal.

But one thing gamblers cannot countenance is being embarassed by a flighty, crazy woman politician. They have a strict code of honor and they do not like bigots. Their tenuous existence depends on truly  judging people by the content of their character. They move easily among Latinos, African Americans, and Asians. Gamblers may vote Republican, but they don't suffer racists easily.

They may not have agreed with a single policy position of Harry's but when a bigoted politician beats up on the guy who parks their car at the casino or serves them their regular burger'n fries after a losing night, they take it personally. It's unscientific, I know, but it may explain the obvious swing of undecided, disgusted Nevadans to Harry. Nevada gamblers strongly disapproved of Angle.

And so did the other undecided Nevadans. They don't like racists any more than they tolerate bullies. In the end, they did not embrace Harry. But they strongly rejected Sharron Angle. What repulsed those of us on the outside about her, also repelled Nevadans. Sharron Angle was an acute embarassment to Nevada. That was Nevadans' voting booth calculation. It's really that simple.Theirs was a vote for tolerance and decency, and yes, sanity. They made Harry sweat. But then they came home.

"When I get to be senator," said the "2nd Amendment remedies" candidate with the hubris of the VILLAGE IDIOT. Really? IN YOUR DREAMS; YOU LOSE. BITCH! 

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