Thursday, November 11, 2010

TEA PARTY Remedial Education: GOP Sandbags Teabaggers on Earmarks; What's Next?

Here's your first test, Teabaggers. Whatcha gonna do about it? Give it the old college try and walk away from the country club Republican leadership? (Who, by the by, would only let you in the service entrance to their exclusive clubs; the entrance reserved for illegals who landscape their lawns.)

Senator Jim Inhofe, the old science/climate change denier in the pocket of the oil industry, actually admits consulting the GOP punky Goebbels propaganda message guru, Frank Luntz, a proud and proven LIAR, who advised Inhofe to defend earmarks with the "brainwashed by liberals" line. So you see, back before the Tea Party became an acute problem for the GOP, Inhofe and his pals were blaming liberals for pushing earmarks, with shapeshifter Frank Luntz's blessing. Now that the Tea Party is making noises, whatever lie works best, given changing circumstances, which in the wingnut playbook means blaming liberals.

The Tea Party Patriots have called for a GOP moratorium on "earmarks" with some initial support from newly elected members. But Rand Paul, the supposedly rigid libertarian and deficit hawk, is already speaking out of both sides of his mouth after a talking-to from his Leader and fellow Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell. (Ayn) Rand Paul hasn't even been sworn in yet and he's already capitulated to the ways of Washington! 

So what's it gonna be Teabaggers, now that your candidates are actually in a position to make policy instead of scream and shout like "petulant children?" They're already caving and being co-opted by the Republican leadership, like petulant children. My guess is, the Teabaggers will allow themselves to be sandbagged like petulant children. After screaming and yelling a lot. Like petulant children.

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