Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Message to Glenn Beck: We're Coming For You

In the wake of Glenn Beck's latest contemptible rant against the Tides Foundation, showing no sense of remorse or responsibility for having nearly triggered a terrible tragedy with his hate speech, I came upon this article in the Tides Foundation home page. It seemed especially appropriate, under the circumstances.

Pictured are officers of the California Highway Patrol, who were responsible for stopping Byron Williams from carrying through with his planned killing spree against Tides and the ACLU, organizations frequently targeted by Glenn Beck. The Tides Foundation donated $10,000 to the CHP 11-99 Foundation, an organization that helps provide scholarships to the families of CHP and steps in to assist when an officer is killed in the line of duty, or when a family is in crisis. "The officers were greeted by spontaneous applause and a very emotional staff," the Tides story notes. "For all of us they are heroes — from the dispatchers who help guide the officers, to the officers who sustained injury in a prolonged battle that closed Highway 580 for almost a full day."

This isn't some kind of paranoid joke, Mr. Beck. There were CHP officers who sustained injury in a prolonged gunfight with Byron Williams, the disturbed individual who was inspired by your hate speech to commit an act of gun violence. So right back at ya. We're coming for you. Progressives are targeting your shows on radio and TV for termination. And the advertisers who continue to support you and Fox will pay a steeper price in loss of business and bad publicity for patronizing the Beck franchise. As long as it takes, pal. As for the Glenn Beck followers, you have no more excuses. You know exactly what this huckster's about. SHAME on ALL of you for tuning in and listening to anything this hatemonger has to say.

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