Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Street: McDonalds Election Central Moons Employees, Customers

Massive artery blocker McDonalds follows in the footsteps of Target as yet another corporate citizen SCUMBAG to crap on American democracy by intimidating employees into voting for Republicans or face lower wages/benefits or worse. (As if a health “plan” that caps annual medical expenditures at $2,000 after $364 in employee paycheck deductions is any kind of adequate “benefit.”)

GOP Arches Moons Employees/Customers, Farts Republicans
Who needs a stinking Republican Big Mac anyhow? Look at it this way: It'll be one less heart disease generator to finally quit patronizing on a matter of principle. So don’t forget to boycott these corporate criminals unless they get down on bended knee and reform their voter intimidation/election investment/purchase ways with deeds not words. That’ll be the day.

See, these heart disease and diabetes peddlers are upset at First Lady Michelle Obama for insisting that the fast food industry include more healthy options in its menus. It seems the fat, grease, and processed meat emporiums of America are inconvenienced by her concern over the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in our nation.

In his obligatory but clueless apology the franchise owner said he did not intend to “offend” anyone. The franchisee and corporate just don't get it: It isn't about hurting an employee's feelings. It's about violating a fundamental principle of our democracy: The freedom to vote without any form of coercion.
Dan Tokaji, associate director of Ohio State University Law School's election law project, said Siegfried's communication appears to violate a state law that bans companies from distributing handbills that threaten workplace repercussions if particular candidates aren't elected. 

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