Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lights Out For Whitman: Too Bad Dems Can't Clone Jerry Brown's Ad Team

The secret to Jerry Brown's success in California is his one-two punch — or, how to convincingly beat a billionaire who outspends the candidate 10-1 in an attempt to buy the governorship: (1) A brilliant ad campaign, the first ('Twins') using Whitman's own words to tie her at the hip to the highly unpopular "Gobernator" Arnie, then pouncing on her devastating rookie mistake, below; and (2) being the quality candidate in the race by force of his own personality, the legendary "Governor Moonbeam," a California brand of leadership that runs through generations, more than one-half centuries of father-son California politics.

Jerry Brown endeared himself to a whole new generation of California voters with his trademark energy, intelligence, and self-deprecating humor — as when he told voters his advanced age was a great deal for them because as long as they kept him on the job he wouldn't be a drain on state and federal pension and retirement rolls. Jerry Brown has the "vision thing" in a state that rewards forward-looking candidates. Is it any wonder that, despite all her millions, Whitman is fading as Brown opens up a lead on her; or that he was the one person who was most optimistic he could buck her money? Brown believed in himself all the way, and his trademark optimism, along with a frugal approach to governing and his honesty, were infectious. It pays off in ways money can't to field outstanding candidates, no matter what the real and perceived advantages in money and trends are on the other side.

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