Monday, August 09, 2010

Beck's Latest Racist Rant Scrubbed by Fox

I have a question for Glenn Beck fans. I’d really like to know how you can justify his latest racist rant:

Planet of The Apes? How can you justify this and continue patronizing this paranoid lunatic, this untrammeled racist? I honestly don’t get it. Beck may call the AFL-CIO and unions “special interests” because they represent millions of workers, contribute to political campaigns, and lobby Congress. But unions are much more than that. They represent and protect working people from abusive employers, negotiate contracts, monitor safe working conditions, and fight tooth-and-nail to keep jobs in America.

Some special interest. Setting aside the despicable racism, this is an ironic (and predictably stupid) line of attack from Beck, given that President Obama’s camp had named unions “special interests” during the 2008 primary campaign -- a real no-no for a Democrat. Had Beck done his homework, he could have properly criticized the President for hypocrisy without the incendiary language, and worse, plunging headlong into the racism gutter.

Even Fox News recognized the racist nature of Beck’s statement and scrubbed the language from its website; it’s amusing how they haven’t caught on to YouTube. This is the second time in so many weeks YouTube’s burned Fox News. Fox’s posture is not to acknowledge the truth of Beck’s racism. Rather, Fox wants to limit the number of eyes that can actually read it, by scrubbing the original language and substituting it with something innocuous and false (because it’s not what Beck said).

Goebbels and the Nazis were pretty good at such deception, but this can’t be mentioned in polite society because it’s supposed to be over the top, even if it’s a spot-on target critique. So much for political correctness on the LEFT giving the RIGHT cover to be outrageous racists and Nazi re-enactors. Progressives should stop behaving like ninnies and call a spade a spade. The right wing is populated with fascists imbued with the rhetoric of fascism, and proto-Nazi eruptions in symbiotic “Tea Party” fringe supporters. Just pick up a book and read about the weak Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazi Party. The historical comparisons between our current political climate and Weimar Germany are trenchant.

The truth is, Glenn Beck lacks the character and intelligence to make cogent critiques that will actually advance our political conversation. So, to those who continue to watch Glenn Beck’s racist, paranoid rants uncritically (because an ounce of skepticism and a sense of fairness would keep you away): Shame on you.

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