Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seven-for-Seven, EL PULPO PABLO Predicts Spain Over Netherlands and Shuns LeBron

Paul, the Oracle Octopus, has been renamed “Pablo, El pulpo oráculo,” by ecstatic Spanish fans after predicting a Spanish victory over Holland in the World Cup final. This is the first time Paul has stepped out of his comfort zone to predict an outcome in which the German team has not been involved. After predicting a German win over Uruguay in the third-place match, Paul is turning skeptics into believers, including Keith Olbermann, who pegged him an “aquatic Nostradamus.”

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Further demonstrating that, like most football fans, Paul is a discriminating sports aficionado, the psychic octopus refused to be dragged into the pathetic LeBron James hype. When asked to pick LeBron’s destination, given a “fixed” choice of Miami and a defunct Buffalo, NY team, Paul picked Buffalo, sending LeBron an unmistakable message that this octopus refuses to play parlor games with the world’s priciest free agent, or participate in making fools of NBA fans. After all, Paul’s World Cup final prediction was broadcast LIVE to three countries.


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1 comment:

Carlos said...

Paul is 8-for-8 now, a PERFECT record!

Ruud Gullit, former Holland international doing commentary for ABC, lost it when he said, "that octopus better watch out for his life ..."

Tsk, tsk, come now, Ruud, keep it together; don't get down in the gutter with sore losers making death threats to Paul.