Friday, July 30, 2010

Dems Get Their Mojo Back As President Obama And World’s Scrappiest Congressman Lead the Way

I. President Obama closed the week on a high note. His appearance on The View was terrific, followed by a real barnburner at a Detroit Chrysler plant, where he rolled up his sleeves and came out swinging against “the party of NO.” Watching the President, I kept thinking, “there’s a Democrat in the Kennedy-Truman-FDR mold.” I’m sure FDR was looking down on the 44th President and tossing his head back in that characteristic gesture of infectious joy at being the people’s president. Let Democrats be Democrats and good things will come the party’s way in November.

This guy from the Detroit Free Press writes that the auto industry’s recovery looks like a “flat-out miracle.” It’s no miracle, sir. It’s a direct result of Democratic Keynesian economics stimulating a key and vital American industrial sector that resulted in the Big 3 posting profits for the first time since 2004.

II. Gotta love Anthony Weiner.

This guy is a ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ every day of the week. He was enraged over Republican obstructionism blocking a bill to provide health care for 9/11 first responders. Rep. Weiner in interviews later said, “this is not a game, this is about people’s lives; people are sick and dying, over 900 of them have died since 9/11.” Mr. Weiner represents many, many of these people; they’re police officers, firefighters, EMS personnel, who risked their lives on that fateful day, and kept digging in the days that followed until the bodies of the victims were recovered. They were sickened by toxic pollutants in the air, that Christie Whitman’s EPA had deemed safe to breathe.

The Republicans and President Bush were all over the rubble, with the cameras on. Once the cameras were turned off they turned their backs on the sick and dying 9/11 first responders. Gotta love Anthony Weiner; his constituents are really lucky to have him as their representative. Mr. Weiner just demonstrated the blueprint for Democratic success this November. No more Mr. Nice Guy, call the Republicans’ bluff, and force them to take responsibility, own up to their obstructionism. In a memorable phrase, Anthony Wiener said, “Sometimes as Democrats we come to knife fights carrying library books.”

With their latest ad, President Obama’s great couple of days on The View and hitting the campaign trail, the Democrats are fighting back, and the people are wising up to the Republicans. They may not like Nancy Pelosi, which is stupid –- she’s one of the greatest Speakers in the nation’s history –- until considering the alternative: John Boehner, the Tan Man about town, barfly extraordinaire, dumb, lazy and dour. It always comes down to a choice, and Democrats have the best programs and a story of accomplishments to tell.

Despite the smugness of the punditocracy –- “things have gelled” and “the cake may be baked” regarding voter trends –- I see a reversal as people pay attention, the more alarmed they become with Republican voodoo economics of exploding the debt by extending the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%, the more they’re willing to give the Democrats a chance. Just as they did for Abraham Lincoln in 1864. Lincoln had his finger on the people’s pulse when he famously said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

Republicans last obstructed unemployment extension, heartlessly kicking millions of Americans like political footballs in their partisan games. Their hypocrisy is hiding in plain sight in their orgasmic defense of extending billionaire tax cuts and the Paris Hilton estate tax that would explode the debt by trillions. Yet they called 2.5 million unemployed Americans “deadbeats” and “drug addicts” and “spoiled” while lining their multi-millionaire pockets with unmitigated greed. Fondly recalling the people’s senator, Ted Kennedy, berating Republicans in defense of working Americans: “How much more greed is enough!”

Not nearly, as Republicans this week blocked:
Democrats, you need to follow Anthony’s lead and become Ninja Dems. Then you’ll be just fine in November. Fuggeaboutit.

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