Monday, July 26, 2010

Adventures in TEA PARTY Campaigns: BALKANS TEA

Republicans don’t quite know what to do about the TEA PARTY. The extremist gaggle of KNOW-NOTHING groups, most of them ASTRO-TURF, corporate-funded but hardly corporate-controlled and coordinated, most of them harboring, or led by, racist elements is leading the GOP straight down the path to self-destruction in November.

Florida is already lost, unless mainstream Republican Charlie Crist, forced by the Tea Party to run as an independent, totally implodes. In Pennsylvania the Tea Party knocked off Arlen Specter from the GOP primary forcing him to run as a Democrat. Specter lost a relatively safe Republican seat. Problem is, the Teabagger candidate, Pat Toomey, is too far right to win statewide in Pennsylvania. Democrat Joe Sestak stands an excellent chance to turn the Specter seat Democratic. And in Nevada, Teabagger Sharron Angle is so extreme that she is running away from her stated positions and the local media just as fast as she can, but steadily losing ground in the polls to Harry Reid, who has savaged her for wanting to abolish Social Security and Medicare, the Department of Education, the EPA, and worst of all, criminalize alcohol consumption in the state where “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Now the Colorado Tea Party is about to help another Democrat get elected governor by Balkanizing the center-right political fringe. TEA PARTY anti-immigrant nutcase Tom Tancredo has decided to enter the race as an independent. His argument seems to be that the other Teabaggers are nuttier than he is. It’s hard to argue with that logic, even though Tancredo is the phobic anti-immigrant flamer who recently advocated a “literacy test” for voters at the TEA PARTY Convention -– a measure that if adopted would ironically erode much of his support among the sizable contingent of spelling-challenged Teabaggers.

Just call it BALKANS TEA: A Democratic beverage that drives Teabaggers to cannibalism.

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