Thursday, April 29, 2010

Glenn Beck TV Audience Down by One-Third Since January

Good news for America’s average IQ! (See inverted chart below, tracing this nation’s growing intelligence.) Imagine that, millions of people actually spending more time with their families, perhaps reading a good book instead of watching the insanely paranoid carney crier . . . That big spike happened the day after passage of healthcare reform. Our tweet of the day said:

“GOP posts FAQ, Q: What will tomorrow be like? A: A blue sun, lava on ground, and demons flying around everywhere.” When Armageddon didn’t happen, most Beckistas came to their senses; he must be down to the true believers. First, major advertisers dropped this maniac. Now, as viewership drops precipitously, even Fox “News” is distancing itself from their house loco.

Indications are the Teabagger rabble is going south (metaphorically speaking, of course) as fast as this idiot’s ratings.

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