Friday, February 05, 2010

Al Franken Rips David Axelrod a New One

And steps into the leadership vacuum left by the White House and Harry Reid; the jury's out on Nancy Pelosi, but at least she held her group together and, like FDR, did “welcome the hatred” of her enemies on the right, from Republican obstructionists to Teabaggers. Senator Franken was fed up with the lack of leadership coming from the White House, and proposed a very simple way forward around which progressives can rally. Reconciliation and 50 + 1:
“If we in the Senate pledge to fix those top priorities right away through reconciliation... the House of Representatives should pass the Senate bill. The exact details of this process need to be worked out by the leadership and the President.”
Sounds like a plan. Meanwhile . . . the President continues to send mixed messages -- “we should be deliberate . . . take our time . . . not let the moment slip away” -- zig and zag, which infuriates progressives in Congress, who patiently went to bat for him. Rham Emanuel's “fucking retards”* swallowed concession after concession to get something, anything, done on healthcare. I'll say it again: Mr. Emanuel and his Clintonian strategy of deference to the DINOs, sweetheart deals, and concessions to corporate interests while throwing progressives under the bus, has achieved exactly . . . what? A rerun of the Clinton healthcare debacle of 1995, when Emanuel was in the White House!

The President keeps pushing the “bipartisan” button, which is like trying to accelerate a Toyota Prius and hoping it doesn't stall. Mr. Obama's latest fantasy is to sit down with Democrats and Republicans and healthcare professionals, go over the bills, and have a final vote; on live TV. Not gonna happen; the Republicans WILL NOT participate. How many times, in how many different ways, do we have to say this, Sir, before it registers? “Maybe I’m na├»ve,” mused Mr. Obama. (You said it.) Yes Sir, YOU ARE. Jeez . . .

Of the 40 or so people invited to the President’s Super Bowl party, one Republican will attend: Rep. Joseph Cao, the single Republican YES vote for the House healthcare bill. Now that’s “bipatisanship” we can believe in. Incidentally, DINOs Mary Landrieu and Evan Bayh sent their regrets, but will not attend. Doesn't that tell you something, Mr. President?

Just take Senator Franken's suggestion, Democrats, and GET IT DONE.

*If Rham Emanuel gets this done, he should stay; if he blows it now, he should go. As for the comment, made last year in a closed-door meeting, Mr. Emanuel apologized, as he should have. But Sarah Palin's conduct is the height of hypocrisy. After criticizing Emanuel and calling for his firing, Palin refused to apply the same standard to Rush Limbaugh when he used the term in a more despicable way -- broadcast live to millions (see below). Limbaugh even boasted that Palin's “spokeswoman” called him “in a panic” to say Palin did not use Limbaugh’s name. Sarah “Caribou Barbie” Palin: You are contemptible.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to being very concerned with "PC" issues, it's important for all parties to be fair and not over-react to crass language. I truly believe most of us are all guilty of using nasty terminology in various careless ways.

I do have Liberal friends with disabled children/family members who can see right through Sarah Palin. Right now Mr. Emanuel is quite the lightening rod. He is the "one" many love to hate. It was only fitting that Palin go into
"gotcha" mode when she got wind of this incident. Palin supportrs will jump to her defense with a passion. Her detractors are not impressed. I am asking myself if I even know anybody who has been 100% in compliance w/PC Rulebook. I am just finding out now, that this comment was made a long time ago, behind closed doors. I am rather miffed at 4th Estate for not telling the reader WHEN and under WHAT circumstances, Rhambo's nasty word(s) were uttered.

With all that is going on, this is a waste of time, UNLESS, we can illustrate the hypocracy going on. I wonder if Sarah Palin has always been "holier than thou" in her usage of slang or PC language.

I seem to recall Ms. Palin's lack of sensativity when Eunice Kennedy died. There was a heroic figure to parents of developmentally disabled children and adults if there ever was one. She is credited by Liberals/Conservatives alike for her efforts in field of Mental Retardation. It is thanks to this Kennedy, that Ms. Palin's child will get better care and have more opportunities re quality of life. When she passed away people from all sides of political spectrum came to applaud her. Not Sarah, one of most important Republicans out there. Not Sarah Palin who is so very open about her child.

Carlos said...

I seem to recall that Palin as governor cut funding for developmentally disabled children. As the parent of a special needs child, she's perfectly correct to call out Emanuel on his crude remark, even if it was done last year and behind closed doors. But when she doesn't apply the same standard to what Limbaugh said, which was worse, then we see political calculation there and not concern about the language.

It always comes back to the hypocrisy.