Friday, January 01, 2010

Recycled Racist Image Nabs Senior Citizen

This disgusting image has rightfully landed a 73-year-old Colorado state worker in deep shit.

First, if no other explanation surfaces, I hope the maximum punishment is applied to this jackass: immediate termination and, if possible, curtailment of her (no doubt) generous Colorado state retirement benefits, thanks to the taxpayers who pay her salary.

Second, the question needs to be asked: Why is this senior still working at 73, 13 years past the age she could be collecting Social Security benefits, once again, thanks to the taxpayers? It's unseemly that someone well past the age of retirement should be taking a younger person's job, when unemployment is at 10% or more, particularly in light of this incident. Many seniors need to work past retirement, that's understood. But not those who abuse the taxpayers' trust and standards of nondiscrimination that every worker, especially older workers, should know.

Third, this particular image surfaced on the Internet more than one year ago, in August of 2008. That it should still be making the rounds in the white racist underworld of chain emails is indicative at the very least of how sick, obsessive-compulsive, and unimaginative these pathetic racists are.

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