Friday, January 01, 2010

Latino News Anchor Gives Anglos a Clinic on Journalism

For those of us bemoaning the decline of pure, tough, truth-seeking journalism in our increasingly puff-piece, rumor & gossip, celebritycentric, corporate, lazy & unprepared media wasteland: Cuban-born, Latino American CNN news anchor Rick Sanchez gives us some cause to celebrate. Here Sanchez, the first-generation son of Cuban immigrants, gives his wimpy (especially Anglo/European) colleagues -- as well as aspiring journalists everywhere -- a clinic on what it means to be a journalist serving as the watchdog and eyes and ears of the public:

This exchange is symbolic of how CNN stumbled upon the right thing by firing (euphemistically called an “amicable” parting) anti-immigrant racist demagogue Lou Dobbs in favor of anchors like Soledad O'Brien and Rick Sanchez, who not only reflect the cultural diversity of America -- which is our great strength -- but also are (quick, pass the smelling salts!) real journalists.

By the end of his grilling Sanchez had Ensign babble the proverbial Freudian slip: “I have done nothing ethically or illegal in this matter.”

Good riddance, Lou. Bravo, Rick!

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