Thursday, November 05, 2009

Meme shot to death, funeral on Saturday

In the wake of today's tragic deaths at Ft. Hood, I find myself asking this question:

Normally, when someone brings a gun into a not-traditionally-armed environment, like a store or a school, the wingnuts start going off on how the tragedy would have been easily avoided, if only everyone was walking around armed. Every teacher and student would turn into Clint Eastwood at the end of Unforgiven and take that gunman down slicker than snot, saving lives and protecting Baby Jesus in the bargain. Today's shooting took place at an army base, right? People carry guns there, right? And they're trained to use them, and trained to shoot to kill, right? So if someone could shoot at least 42 people at Ft. Hood before being taken down, when the shooter was surrounded by trained killers armed with cutting-edge weaponry, what the hell do they expect the rest of us to do when someone walks into a classroom or shopping mall and opens fire?

You can have your rifle back when you pry your head from your cold dead ass, Mr. Heston. And that goes for the rest of you 2nd Amendment morons as well.

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I'm Not Ned said...

Sorry, your argument fails Doc as your assumptions about access to weapons on an army base are incorrect.

People are NOT allowed to actively carry weapons on any US base unless they are on active patrol as military police or private security. Weapons are checked daily and only allowed out of storage for training and maintenance.

Personal weapons must be kept locked and must be registered with the base marshal.

Since this occurred in the Soldier Readiness Center there would be no weapons available to any of the military personnel other than any MPs present.