Sunday, November 01, 2009

From the Sheeple Corner

We get this masterpiece from Jeannie Doyle Curtin of Elmhurst, Illinois:
For years now, we have had to watch Republicans battle the elite television media for a fair chance at debate, with "panel discussions" stacked five to one, liberal to conservative. Now there is a network, Fox News, that allows both sides to have a fair chance to present their opinions, and this is somehow unfair to Obama's people. Ridiculous. He's only making Fox more popular and interesting to the American people.
You mean the "elite" networks that put Bill Kristol on every week? Where conservative guests on the morning shows always outnumbered those from the left?

I don't mind the existence of Fox "News." Mouthbreathers need love too. Just don't pretend it is a "news" network, and by the way....

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jimbow8 said...

I saw a graph somewhere that did indeed show that FOX is the most "balanced": The other networks have a much higher ratio or conservatives to liberals.