Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well, guys, what's going to happen?

I have been incommunicado, was WAAAAAY downstate fishing with my 82-year old father (who God bless him, wants to kick Hannity's ass--and I think he could do it.)

So the prez has gone all in on health care, but as per usual, the wingers are better organized and better able to frighten the old folks (except for my pop). Do the Dems have the spine and the votes to tell them to shove it? Does the prez cave and take a crap bill to get "a bill?" It's cliffhanger time.

Carlos, horses on Sunday??


Carlos said...

Sounds good, Peter. Soot me an email, we'll hook up.

I'm Not Ned said...

Here's my take on this fiasco.

The public doesn't vote on this and neither do Hannity or Limpbaugh.

I think after suffering through these staged thug-hall meetings and all the lies in the media the Dems had better get back to work and get mad over they way the health care industry, media and Repubes have treated them. It's time to tell the Repubes to go sit in the corner and be quiet while actual governance gets done.

The 12th man in this game may very well be religion. If the Dems can get them on board by placating the abortion issue then the pulpit will be filled with the stories of Christ caring for the sick and not worrying about his stock options or co-pay.

Then you'll have the progressives, the honest people, and the religious (yeah, some overlap in there) against the lunatic fringe lying asshat racists.

That's win win.