Thursday, August 13, 2009

As a wise philosopher one said....

A great thinker, pictured below:

once said "What a maroon!"

This would be oh so applicable to the former governor/disgrace of Alaska who stood by her ridiculous "death panel" claim. As other great thinkers have said, Madame Ex-Governor/Liar/Dimwit, etc.:

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Ann T. Kirk said...

Crazy ole Nancy Thorne is at it again. She has another letter to the editor published in the Lake Forester today, right in line with the rethuglian talking points about Medicare. And for your reading pleasure, there's also a letter from a "birther" who wants to see President Obama's birth certificate. Here's the link.

They've banned me from posting, since I dared to refute their anti-Obama right wing lies. I hope others will be inspired to go give them hell.