Monday, August 03, 2009

Not a Hall of Famer...

But still, it is Corner Time.

One of our favorite loons, Nancy J. Thorner of palatial Lake Bluff gives us

Why was there no mention of tort reform? The insane cost and arbitrary rewards of our malpractice system is forcing doctors to practice defensive medicine--what the Tribune calls unnecessary medical treatment--for fear of getting sued. Tort reform would yield tens of billions in savings, yet there is no mention of tort reform in any of the proposed health-care reform bills.


"Tort Reform" has nothing to do with bringing down medical costs. It serves only to protect insurance company profits. From the jury system to review boards to several levels of judicial scrutiny to sanctions for frivolous litigation, we have more than adequate safeguards available to ensure that malpractice recoveries are just that--appropriate recovery for damages suffered.

So Nancy.....


jimbow8 said...

This is old, so I'm not sure if the links are active and/or up to date.

Dick Cheney, Insurance Salesman

Also, it's funny: I was watching one of the MSNBC shows last night and they had a rightwing nutjob on talking about how great a country we had that people who thought something was fishy with the President's Birth Certificate could express themselves about it and even file a lawsuit..... What a great country where people can sue ..... except for malpractice or against large corporations.

jimbow8 said...

BTW, Peter, you really need to pick up a weeks worth of copies of the Northwest Herald from out here in the boonies. :) Sometimes they make your dunces seem downright progressive.

Ann T. Kirk said...

Seems like all crazy old Nancy Thorner has to do is write letters to the editor. I'm convinced she's either related to David Sweet (the editor of the Lake Forester) or else she's paying him to place a letter from her in every week's issue.

I'm just waiting for a letter challenging President Obama's birth certificate from her to be published. Both she & Sweet are really that crazy.