Tuesday, August 04, 2009

How to Make a Rightie's Head Explode

Score one for the Big Dog!

North Korea's official news agency says leader Kim Jong Il has pardoned two American journalists and ordered their release following a request from former President Bill Clinton.


Carlos said...

Meanwhile the C Street sex maniacs, Ensign and Sanford, are being hoisted on their own petards as the Big Dog sends them the subliminal message: "I could but you can't. Resistance is futile. Resign now or face jail and humiliation later. Jesus can't save you!"

I'm Not Ned said...

And of course the dirtbag neo-cons are screaming about liberals speaking to our enemies and meeting with dictators! Heaven forbid!

Or is that exactly what Nixon and Reagan did?

Sad to see the repubes go from being able to confront their adversaries to only wanting to kill them.