Monday, August 24, 2009

Mainstream Media Slooow on the Uptake

Is it any wonder that newspapers are in trouble? After a month of unanswered right wing rants -- except by the blogs, including yours truly -- in which lies and misinformation about healthcare were spread with impunity, aided and abetted by a mainstream media that loves a good "ruckus," as the President rightly observed, said mainstreamers, excepting the usual suspects, finally decide to engage the debate with constructive information and analysis rather than town hall freak shows.

The LA Times reports that the "health" insurance industry, having greased its anti-reform lobbying campaign with a daily infusion of $1.4 million, and having mobilized 50,000 of its employees to attend town halls and kill the public option, stands poised to reap a "bonanza" in government subsidized profits from a $1 trillion healthcare "reform" package minus the public option. Now the centrist/conservative Denver Post editorializes that a public option is "critical" to reform.

Well, duh.

What do these newspapers want for doing their friggin' jobs ... a medal?!? We've been saying it here from the get-go, folks. It's common sense. What's taken the mainstreamers so long to recognize the obvious?

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