Monday, August 24, 2009

The Hatch-McCain Death Panel

As if Republicans couldn't reach a new low (yeah I know, think again), Repugnant Senators Orrin Hatch and John McCain are now claiming that the absence from the Senate of gravely ill Sen. Ted Kennedy is the reason for their absence of agreement with the Democrats on healthcare reform.

Yeah, right. As if the great Senator's presence in the negotiations with the likes of Grassley, Enzi, Hatch, and McCain would produce a different result on cooperation from the party of 'NO.' May I remind Sens. Hatch and McCain that each Senate bill your party is trashing and demagoguing is collectively known as the "Kennedy bill."

Wow. These Repugnant senators are just about the classiest people ever to use Ted Kennedy's brain cancer as a foil for their own intransigence. Has it even occurred to Orrin Hatch and John McCain that maybe the most meaningful way to honor Ted Kennedy would be to join with Democrats in passing universal healthcare reform? Apparently not.

With friends like these ...

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