Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Matthews Exposes Whacko Birther Wingnuts

I'm not a big Chris Matthews fan, but every so often he's pitch perfect, as in this instance:

Anyone up for the circus, free of charge? Look up your local Repugnant town hall meeting and show up incognito, which means dressing like Joe the Plumber with an American flag in each hand. Be sure to bring a copy of President Obama's birth certificate. When the Birthers disrupt the meeting screaming that Obama is not a citizen, stand up and demand to be heard by waving your American flags. As soon as the dumbass Birthers cede you the microphone, proceed to mock them by producing the President's birth certificate and reading its contents aloud. Then call for all red-blooded Americans to stand up and recite the Pledge of Allegiance while you make your getaway.

One more thing. Today, Lou Dobbs of CNN -- aka Faux News Lite -- picked up on this garbage, venting his ill-concealed racism by calling President Obama "undocumented."


drmagoo said...

That is a nice clip. The birthers are idiots, and need to be called out as such. Of course, the truly moronic and xenophobic Lou Dobbs has jumped on the bandwagon, which just gives them a louder microphone.

I'm Not Ned said...

Dobbs had been promoting the "birther" idiots for quite a while. Almost every show has him pulling his head out of his ass just long enough to use a term like "undocumented" when referring to Obama.

If I were Rep. Castle I'd have to seriously wonder why I would chose to represent what appears to be Americas stupidest citizens.

Although I do like the way this shows how totally idiotic the repubes are with the Limpbaugh/Faux News crews constantly bringing this up. Anyone left on the registered repube list must be cringing at the stupidity that surrounds them.

Carlos said...

The stupidity is pervasive. Peter noted that this is the stupidest country in the world. The ignorant attitudes about healthcare demonstrate this.

When the President calls on the blogs to be a truth squad because networks like CNN are in the pockets of the moneyed interests and the insurers, then we've got a problem. Anyone who is insured by a Cadillac plan and is in the tax bracket that would likely be taxed to get healthcare funded should not be reporting the "news."

The Malveauxs, Dobbses, Kings, and AC360s of this world should be confined to reporting on the trivial pursuits and tragedies of fellow millionaires, e.g. Michael Jackson. And anyone who says "Democrat plan" or "Democrat party" should be traded to Faux News for a couple of Billo's autographed books.