Friday, July 24, 2009

The Dumbass Hall of Fame

Our newest inductee of this special and elite section of the corner is Peter J. Riga of Houston, Texas. In an inspiring work of pure genius appearing in today's Chicago Tribune, our newest Hall of Famer pens that
History is both revealing and obscuring. Walter Cronkite was a superb TV anchorman--calm, collected and intelligent. The one time he deviated from his position was a disaster. When he came back from Vietnam and told the American people that Vietnam was a stalemate that we could not win, that was a turning point of public opinion. Even then-President Lyndon Johnson said that view from Cronkite lost America the conflict in Vietnam. That was precisely when we were on the verge of victory in Vietnam and Cronkite turned public opinion massively against the war, which then became unsustainable for the president. In other words, Cronkite was indirectly responsible for our defeat in Vietnam, which history will show.
Mr. Riga, I have little to add to your perceptive grasp of history except to point out the obvious, that you are a pathetic and delusional little man.

And oh, by the way...



drmagoo said...

When were we on the verge of victory in Vietnam, exactly? 1957?

Carlos said...

The notion that a TV anchorman was even "indirectly responsible for our defeat in Vietnam" is absurd on its face. All Cronkite did was state the obvious, as Peter notes.

When does Mr. Riga expect "history will show" this? It's been nearly 40 years since the war ended. What exactly is "history" waiting for?

Mr. Riga, you're a moron (dumbass is taken). It's folks like you who make the study of history an imperative in our schools.

I'm Not Ned said...

Wow. Just wow.

Is that an asshat you're wearing Mr. Riga?

Anonymous said...

apparently this rodeo clown is a night school graduate of an unaccredited law school