Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Screw him

I've seen a few people now making positive comments about Mark Sanford, because he admitted all (or so it seems) in his press conference today.

Screw that.

He cheated on his wife for a year (which is their business, sure, but I'm not going to think of him as a stand-up guy) and left the citizens of the state of South Carolina without a governor for days. That alone should be an impeachable offense.

I don't care that he apologized, I don't care about God's laws and our laws, I care that this guy screwed around on his family and on his job (a somewhat important one, even if it is South Carolina). You don't get to mea culpa your way out of this one, bub.


I'm Not Ned said...

It's the Republican Family Values, sorta like toe tapping in the airport men's room.

I'm Not Ned said...

And where is the crowd that called for Clinton's impeachment?

Lula O said...

At least his wife wasn't by his side. So sick of the stand by your man attitude in politics of late.