Tuesday, April 21, 2009

See, it worked, right? It worked! It's in the paper!

Don't ask me why (my own personal penance, perhaps?) but I do occasionally listen to right-wing gasbag radio. Today was so SO rich. The king gasbag was going on about the torture thing and Cheney opening his foul yap (WHY isn't he in prison??). He then nearly wet himself over an editorial in the Washington Post about how great the enhanced techniques torture worked.

piece? Why it's by Marc A. Thiessen. I'm sure he is either an expert or at least a disinterested observer. And his evidence? A memo from THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT saying how great torture worked. Wow! Right??

Well, surprisingly, no (we could discuss the 183 episodes of waterboarding if it worked so well, but that is another post for another time. Today's topic is "consider the source." )

First of all, Mr. Thiessen was last gainfully employed as the scribner who put words into THIS mouth:

Alex, may I have "CYA" for $1000?

And of course, the Justice Department in 2005? Who ran that?? The guy on the left who previously wrote the torture memo that the guy on the right wanted.

That's right-wing radio, and the right-wing mindset for you.
Thanks for torturing in MY name.


I'm Not Ned said...

This is so incredibly disheartening hearing the right wingnuts go on about this.

Where (if anywhere) is the line?

So we toss our high standards in the trash if we think we can achieve the desired results? That's what extremist fanatics do, not people with an ounce of dignity.

What if raping children got them to disclose whether their parents were planning terrorist acts?

Don't answer that DICK.

Under the new American fanaticism we are the lowest common denominator. Gen. Washington lead us to the promised land and we raped his corpse thinking we may benefit from it.

And who is calling whom a fascist?

Carlos said...

Hahaha ... I think your ears have more tolerance for the bloviator than mine! Personal penance or rapier inspiration, perhaps? The former sounds weird, the latter I can understand.

Lula O said...

What is a bloviator?

Peter said...

To bloviate means "to speak pompously and excessively" or "to expound ridiculously". A colloquial verb coined in the United States, it is commonly used with contempt to describe the behavior of politicians, academics, pundits or media "experts," sometimes called bloviators, who hold forth on subjects in an arrogant, tiresome way.--Wikipedia