Friday, April 03, 2009

Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame

That isn't something you generally hear from me, but...

In the eyes of the archbishop of Chicago, it was an "embarrassment" for the University of Notre Dame to invite THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES to speak. Because he supports scientific research and wants government out of reproductive decision-making? What's next?

So, Cardinal George, it would only be proper for a Catholic university to entertain speakers who are not only communicants with Rome but adherents to church orthodoxy? That doesn't sound particularly collegial, does it Rev. George? Shouldn't a university community be exposed to the widest spectrum of ideas, PARTICULARLY those you disagree with? I thought universities existed to expand intellectual horizons rather than to reinforce dogma. Are you so insecure in YOUR faith, Cardinal, that you cannot hear of differing views?

And by the way, when it comes to things that are embarrassing, when looking at your little bailiwick over the last few years...people who live in these....?


drmagoo said...

Don't forget that conservatives hate the entire "academic" world. There's a lot of reasons why conservatives are the minority in university faculties. My favorite is that to reach the doctoral level, you're usually taught to question and to confront the "experts" and to develop your own understanding of things (since you have to do original work). That fundamentally violates the conservative mantra of respecting authority (well, what they define as authority), and so the liberal philosophy is more compatible with advanced learning.

I'm Not Ned said...


What's embarrassing is inviting a President to speak who has no command of the English language!

And a quick hint to all you Popes out there; to better understand science is to better understand God. If you are anti-science you are against understanding God. So admit it, you want the flock to believe only your human words and not the truth. (Sorry, I rarely discuss religion in a non-face-to-face situation and without beer.)