Sunday, February 01, 2009

Man of Steele

Well, the Republican National Committee picked former Maryland lieutenant governor Michael Steel, pictured below, to be their new chairman:

[You may recall that Mr. Steele lied about having Oreos thrown at him at a function]

While he's a bright guy, with better legal credentials than I have, he is also, what's the word I'm looking for...oh, right, HE'S CRAZY. He compared stem cell research to Nazi experiments in concentration camps.

But while odd, he's not as reprehensible as his rival for the job, Chip Saltsman (who sent out the mailings with the "Barack the Magic Negro" ditty, incompetent like outgoing chair Mike Duncan, or as corrupt and racist as former chair Haley Barbour. He also doesn't have the unique problem of former chair Ken Mehlman,
pictured below:

[Don't believe me? Click here]

After all, it's difficult to be the head of a party built on gay-bashing when you are...Ken Mehlman.

But back to Mr. Steele. If I was searching for new Republican leadership, I'm sure that an anti-science hard-core Bushie is where I'd turn...Right.

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Carlos said...

Pretty face ... blind or blindfolded, tied, and gagged date?

Another point on Steele: he's crazy enough to have seen nothing wrong with "Barack the Magic Negro." Oh, right ... crazy like a fox. He needed to get the all-white country club vote to go over the top.