Thursday, January 29, 2009

"I Won."

President Obama needs to remember those words in dealing with the congressional Republicans. He won. They lost--big time.

I applaud the president's willingness to go the extra mile (one more trip to the Hill to meet with minority leadership and he matches Bush's eight-year total.) His willingness to listen after eight years of "**** you" from the White House is certainly refreshing. However, negotiating with a party whose response is to petulantly take their ball and go home is pointless.

The Republicans had control of all aspects of government, and clearly demonstrated that they can't govern. Dick Cheney said that Reagan taught us that "deficits don't matter." No, Reagan taught us that Republican economic policies don't work. He taught us that tax cuts for the rich are nothing more than a scam that would embarrass Bernie Madoff.

In 2001, the Republicans received the keys to the car. It wasn't a brand new vehicle fresh off the assembly line, no new car smell, but it was a steady reliable car in good operating condition. They got liquored up and took it out and wrapped it around a tree.

Pray tell, WHY would we want driving tips from them?

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Carlos said...

Nail meet head!

As it stands now, it looks like right wing Congressional ReaganBush ideologues rolled our President.

The Repug leader, Boehner, is A SNAKE. The man is incapable of Obama-style accomodation or compromise. You need to be PRAGMATIC to compromise, a quality Boehner does not possess. He could hardly contain his glee at his press conference torpedoing of the President's package.

So far, the President has watered-down the bill, caving to specific Republican complaints, and gotten NOTHING in return.


Please, Mr. President, enough of the Cumbaya moments. And no cocktail parties after a Republican slap-down either. It's unseemly.