Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Blago tribute from the Brits

While I find the words of Shelley below describing the forgotten wreckage of a ruler with delusions of grandeur compelling, perhaps the elegant words of a British romantic poet are out of place when discussing now former Gov. Cognitive Dissonance Hairclubformen. SO, given that his real first name is not Rod, but Milorad, I thought the song about the fellow here might better serve the occasion:

Milorad, Milorad
Riding through the land!
Milorad, Milorad, without a merry band
He steals from the poor
and gives to the rich
... Stupid bitch!

(Apologies to the non-Python fans for this tremendous waste of time.)


I'm Not Ned said...

Um, no. His first name is Milorad. Although now it's Mud.

Peter said...

Touche, will change.

I'm Not Ned said...


I only know this because a coworker suffers from the same given name! It's a fact I rarely let go unnoticed. hehehe.