Friday, January 16, 2009

Sneaking out of the lurk

Life has gotten entirely too busy. I will return with more blather soon.

For now, it's enough to note that at 7 this morning (Central Time), while we were immersed in supra-Arctic cold, we passed into the last 100 hours of the Bush Administration. As of this writing, he only has 96 hours and 16 minutes of hell to wreak on all of us.

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I'm Not Ned said...

The closing days of bush cause me to fondly remember my grandfather during the last year of the Nixon era. So disgusted with Nixon's numerous (alleged)criminal acts my grandfather refused to shave a hair off his head until Nixon was removed from office.

That day couldn't come too soon for my uncle who really hated that look in family photos. My uncle took it in his own hands to shave EVERY hair off of the old mans head, including the eyebrows.

Now don't think my uncle like Nixon. He'd be the first jailed for cold-cocking him as that was how he dealt with crooks and bad umpires.

I can't wait until Tuesday, when the entire nation gets a fresh haircut and moves away from this disgrace.

Here's a toast to the last weekend prior to our release.