Sunday, January 11, 2009

I feel like I owe a post

Although admittedly, I have been enjoying football, riotous cooking (some of the holiday confit of duck with marsala and wild mushrooms, over eggplant and zucchini) and yes, even the snow this weekend. My scattered thoughts?

Sure I am so proud that my state government opens SNL. Thanks Rod. Thanks Roland. And this Wednesday? Blago opens the new Senate session, and officiates at the swearing in ceremony. Their first order of business-IMPEACHMENT!!

I'm going to be in DC early February. My dive room is $600 per night for the inauguration!

Lincoln in 1860. OK, seven states seceded sucks. FDR? National systemic collapse. But given our position in the world, has any incoming president inherited a worse situation?

And on the outgoing [p]resident?

One of the best takes I've seen on Bush comes from Bob Woodward. Admittedly, Woodward is a pompous self-important blowhole (and when it comes to pompous self-important blowholes, I know of whence I speak) but he knows his stuff.

He portrays Bush as a less pleasant Chance the Gardener from Being There. Bush is a (mean) childlike buffoon who is completely detached from reality. According to Woodward, Bush actually believes that he is a "war president" who is "commanding" troops in a "war" against an "enemy" who can be defeated. He is petty, jealous and combative, but is in no sense actually making or directing policy, an empty suit pair of footy pajamas used by those around him with him not having a clue.

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